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Rynberg Rottweilers


Welcome to Rynberg Rottweilers

Welcome to Rynberg Rottweilers.

Rynberg Rottweilers are specialized kennels we started our journey breeding Rottweilers over 40 years ago and have endeavoured to follow the ADRK philosophy for breeding, exhibiting and working Rottweilers.

All our bloodlines contain only the Best Germany has to offer the world, and we insist on breeding only for the purpose of improving the breed, we have limited litters available each year, and are very selective with our breeding practices.

The Rottweiler is a large dominant breed and should be bred and placed in homes where the dogs future existence will not be at risk, due to irresponsible breeding or ownership.

We have now decided to bring on board someone from the next generation, who shares our breeding views to now carry our breeding programme and our dreams into the next decades. We have complete confidence that Jason Waring shares our dreams and the discipline to nurture and improve our breed with integrity and foresight. In the knowledge that we will be there for him should he feel the need for a second opinion on breeding plans.

Jasons philosophy is, that he sees an ever growing need for our breed to go back to basics and focus more on the breeding of Rottweilers which still possess that lovely strong temperament. Which has through the generations been what make them outstanding family protectors, companion and fiercely loyal but at the same time sound in nature. Through careful selection this can be combined to achieve a dog that is striking to look at as well as being a dog which is willing and above all able to work.