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Australian Rottweiler History

Australia owes its thanks to Captain Roy Smith and Mr & Mrs Mummery of "Heatherglen Kennels" for the introduction of this majestic breed. In 1958 the Mummery's travelled to Europe, the US and England in search of good working Police dogs to bring back to Oz. Unfortunately as fate had it the male they purchased named "Zhar" died from heat stroke on the ship to Australia, so their breeding programme never got off the ground.

It wasn't to be until in 1962 Captain Roy Smith emigrated to Australia bringing with him a dog and a bitch "Rintelna the Dragon" and" Rintelna the Chatelaine." They whelped the first litter to be born in Australia at the Perth Quarantine Station on Sept 2nd 1962 six puppies. As suitable homes could not be found all but one pup was destroyed "Rintelna the Empress" she was sold to Mr De Jonge in South Australia.

In 1963 the Mummery's imported "Pilgrimsway Loki" and bred him to "Rintelna Fatale" whom they had earlier purchased from Roy Smith's second litter. This was the first litter registered in Victoria under the "Heatherglen" prefix Dec 5th 1965.

The HEATHERGLEN (Mummery's) and ROTVEL (Pherrson) prefixes were the first prefixes to register Rottweiler litters in Victoria, followed in 1969 by AUSLESE (Pettengell's) and JIMNAM (Steward) then in 1972 by KERUSGAL (Terry's). The beginning of the Rottweiler in Australia was now well underway.

Rottweiler Clubs in Australia were later Established as follows:
Rottweiler Club of Victoria 1971
Rottweiler Club of South Australia 1975
Rottweiler Club of New South Wales 1976
Rottweiler Club of Queensland 1982
Rottweiler Club of Western Australia 1984
Northern Districts Rottweiler Club of NSW  ?
Rottweiler Club of the Northern Territory ?

The following document is a pictorial account of the many dogs and bitches who have made our present day Rottweiler what it is in this country. They have also either in the outstanding Show wins or in their progeny, left their unique and lasting mark in our Australian Rottweiler history.

Oz History


PART 1 - Early years & early working Rotts
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PART 2 - Early Imports
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PART 3 - Later Imports & later working Rotts
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PART 4 - NRCA Champions tribute
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