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Established over 40 years ago we at Rynberg Rottweilers have spent many years Importing only the Best Blood lines Germany has to offer. It is not luck but very good management that over the last 100 years the German’s have nurtured and improved our breed to where it is today, they have implemented very strict breeding guidelines.

We are striving to follow the German example and breed the complete Rottweiler, when I say complete I mean, no Rotti is complete unless it possesses both beauty and brains. If you don't have both, Its like a friend once explained "doing a Jigsaw puzzle, getting to the end and finding you have a piece missing." All Rotti's should have a strong based temperament, capable of combining a faithful family friend, with that hard working drive we all love to see in our breed, existing together in harmony.

These qualities along with good conformation are what we should all be striving to produce. Over past years in Australia in a rush to breed the "perfect show dog", we have sadly neglected the working ability of our breed. We have paid the price, which is too thin nerve base, this inevitably leads to unpredictable nervous dogs. Its these faults combined with inexperienced or irresponsible owners that have brought the bad media attention we are currently experiencing.

Here at Rynberg Rottweilers all our dogs live in a loving home environment not in kennels and we only breed from dogs that produce lovely strong bone, good eye and mouth pigment and that true strong Rotti temperament One only has to look back to the old dogs like Graf von der Teufelsbrucke, Rick vom Burgthann, Norris vom Grutenblick and bitches like Bea von der Teufelsbrucke to see what we should be breeding towards. One cannot deny that these dogs were outstanding both in confirmation and working ability, and that they and their offspring pass these qualities on through their progeny generation after generation.

We were the first Rotti breeders in Western Australia to breed Survey a breeding bitch back in October 2001. A Breed Survey is an assessment of ‘breeding suitability’ established in Australia by the National Rottweiler Council of Aust. this test includes both a conformation assessment in comparison to the Standards requirements for our breed and also more importantly a temperament test. Also the first breeder to Import a tailed Rottweiler from Germany after docking was banned in 1999, since that time we have not docked any of our pups.

We always endeavour to breed from only those dogs who have passed their Breed suitability or ZtP and also a BH tests, and possess true Rottweiler quality’s as this is far more important than any show ribbon or trophy.

We remain to this day the one of only two breeder here in WA today following this German based philosophy.

WE are now also testing ALL our breeding dogs for the debilitating JLPP as well as the HD/ED, eye/ mouth and DNA Certificates.